The Cure (Looking to build the team!)

Project Title:
The Cure

The Cure is an open world zombie survival sandbox game. Players will spawn in randomly around the map and will loot to build a shelter, defend against zombies and fight other players to survive.

Features Include:

  • Base building
  • Raiding system
  • Looting
  • Crafting (including harvesting such as trees, metal, etc for crafting materials)
  • PvP and PvE aspects
  • Zombies (obviously)
  • Roaming wildlife
  • Random and active weather patterns
  • A roaming zombie horde that wanders the map and is drawn to sound
  • Group system
  • Proximity and group voice chat
  • Vehicles

Team Name:

Game Haven Studios

Team Structure**:**

Jared - Team Lead/Environment
Stacey - Programmer
Corey - Programmer
Modesto - Environment
Mitchell - Character Artist

Previous Work:

Jared worked years ago as freelance for Ubisoft on the community side for a Free to Play game called “Ghost Recon Phantoms” including website design, cinematic creations and community involvement.

Talent Required (Positions will be deleted as they are filled):

Environment Artist (3 positions):

  • Create assets as needed
  • Place assets around the map
  • Able to work fast and accurately

Programmer (2 positions):

  • Networking guru
  • Help program game mechanics
  • Other assignments as needed



Please note that as these positions are currently posted as “Royalty”, this project is completely crowdfunded. Once crowdfunding is complete, all staff will be shifted to full-time employment based on experience levels (if they wish). All agreed upon royalty numbers will continue even after full-time employment is established.

Sounds like an interesting project! Can you add me on discord? Cookie#3917

Still have a few positions open!

UE4 Blueprint / C++ Looking for Game Design position.
My email :

Emailed you.

Hello @DragYourHalo,

I admire Jared’s work on Ghost Recon Phantoms. Could definitely visualize some of that gameplay in ExORION:slight_smile: The premise behind Open World Zombie Survival Game has always intrigued me. I’ve dabbled at creating my own at one point and time with idea of Flesh Golem Frankenstein Monsters. What I’m curious about is what will make the Cure different then the likes of DayZ, H1Z1, State of Decay, many others? The roaming Zombie Horde?

I would be interested in joining a hard-working team developing such a game, but, it really has to have something fresh to grab my attention. I specialize in Blueprints Networking and Construction systems, and have dabbled with AI Behavior, Persona Animation System, and UMG. You can see some of my work here: Multi-user Construction System, Multi-Camera Perspective System, Creature Collage Construct System, Visual File System (UMG), Dimensional Teleportal System, Eye Tracking System

Interested! 3D modeler, Currently at university. I can generate Prop assets and design pieces. I made my own game demo Space Walk by ojl10. If there is any room for me I’m up for it!

Oh this looks amazing! If you need any help with voice acting feel free to contact me! Here’s my info!

Skillset(s): Voice Acting

  • 3+ years experience
  • Trained by BAFTA member
  • Has worked on several video games, animations, commercials and promos.
  • Has worked with major book publishing industries like Candlewick Press, HarperCollins, Macmillan Kids
  • Fulltime YouTuber

Demo Reel:…demo-reel-2018

YouTube Channel:

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: MiscatSquad#1008

Additional Information:

  • Produces weekly gaming videos on YouTube
  • Available for both paid and unpaid projects
  • Available 9-5 EST on weekdays
  • Actively looking for work for hire or for free
  • Cannot travel (unless it’s in NJ/NYC)
  • Accepts PayPal

Sorry I haven’t answered earlier for you all. I honestly forgot all about this page. I have reached out to you @KatyaStec @ojl10 @TechLord

Still have positions available! Still seeking:

-Game Designer (1)
-Programmers (2)
-Environment Artists (2)
-Character Animators (2)

Still have positions available! Still seeking:

-Game Designer (1)
-Programmers (2)
-Environment Artist (1)
-Character Animator (1)

Also at the top of the list is a networking programmer. Please message me on discord or website if interested!

Hello, I am intermediate with blueprint scripting and am currently still learning the more advanced functions. I view this as a good learning experience that I could value in the long run. If it is briefed by you and your team I would like to know if I could stay in the background and observer how your team does it so hopefully I could learn more and maybe become a functioning part of the team.


Get back to me at:

I still have the following positions available! We’re still seeking:

-Environment Artist (3)

Looking for artists to help place things in the world. Contact info is in original post! Looking to finish the environment art in the next two months!

Haven’t posted here in awhile but just wanted to update with what we have available:

-Environment Artist (2)
-Character Artist (1)
-Programmer (Blueprint, C++, Multiplayer) (3)

Email is the easiest way to reach me (I don’t get on here much at all).

Now that the game is for about a year or more in development and you’re website only shows screenshots from marketplace assetspack demo-maps (e.g. neighborhood): could you please update on the progress of the team, project and show some things that you have archieved so far? This would help to convince people to put their time in the project.

I have extensive Unreal experience, if you are looking for a 3d artist or VFX please email me at [EMAIL=“”] or Christopher64#6432 thanks

An update on the team/game on either here or your site would be great! :slight_smile:

Apologies for the delay. I don’t check this website as often as I should. We are still working and still looking to fill a couple of positions.

We are still looking for:

(1) Anti-cheat programmer
(2) Database integration
(3) Base Building coder and programmer
(4) UI Programmer


i have extensive mysql experience and can do UI, you can contact me on

I have working experience with DevOps and can help with Database work. If also cool, would like to help with working on Base Building as well. I’m a professional Web Engineer by day so I could possibly help on that front if it’s needed as well :slight_smile: