The Crystal Dark

Hi everyone,
I have created a game called “The crystal dark” for a college project.
I am planning on creating a game similar to it for Uni next year and was hoping you could give me some feedback on how to improve as well as what is done well.
The game is meant to be difficult and also has a couple hidden secrets.

The game is on gamejolt and can be downloaded here: The Crystal Dark Game Page

While walking across the cliffs looking over the sea you slipped and hit your head.
You awoke to find that you had fallen into a dark cave.
With only a torch to guide you through the cave and no batteries to keep it charged you are forced to explore the cave and look for a way out.
During your exploration you come across a radio.
While listening to the radio you realise you are not alone…

Beta 0.75 Gameplay by Fellow Player

Thank you to everyone that plays it and I hope you enjoy it!
Good luck!