The CPU utilization of EpicGames Launcher is always high

my PC OS is windows 10 pro x64, the CPU utilization of EpicGames Launcher is always high, even my PC is idle and does nothing. this situation doesn’t appear when Launcher started, but if my PC has been idle for some time, the cpu of Launcher thread would be much higher.


There have been countless forum threads / posts about this particular issue. There’s two below, for example:

Sadly, there really doesn’t seem to be a solution. Despite a number of launcher updates, the usage appears to be the same. I’ve seen it go as high as 30-40% on occasions and the RAM usage can be crazy at times, as well. Especially when there’s nothing being downloaded - or it isn’t actively been used.

The usage does, however, appear to drop significantly (to an almost negligible number) once you minimize the window. You can also close the launcher once you’ve opened the editor, to remove this additional overhead. That’ll do the trick until this is fixed (hopefully) in a future launcher update.

Yeah, that’s the trick, to minimize the window… Annoying, especially since it auto open when you open the editor…but, at least it does work.

ok, i see, thx!

ok, i see, thx!