The correct application and management of map coordinates?

HI everyone,Our team is making a very large map, where there are some problems that can’t be solved.First question is about the grid.which involves many aspects,We can’t preview map in three view right way after coordinates are all zero (or we don’t know what kind of preview is right,As shown in Figure).

The problem with this is that we are unable to review our maps in the world composition, and we cannot manage our maps right way, As shown in Figure.

这是一张大小预估超过200平方公里的超大地图,由于没有直接设置公里长宽的设置,所以我们自己设置的,参数就在下面,有什么不妥的地方吗?顺便一提,这是一张整体的地图,没有任何分割。This is a super large map, the estimated size of 200 square kilometers, we set it ourselves because there is no direct set of options about kilometers, our map the parameters are as follows. As shown in Figure.Is there anything wrong with it?by the way,this map is Integrated map without division.


As we all know, if the map coordinates cannot be completely control by developers, it is very difficult to progress for the follow-up work,This is a very basic problem, and it is also a very important we hope someone can give advice and help for us, very thank you.