The confusion thread (post anything that confused you with UEFN)

This is a thread to post things with the editor that confused us when we initially started. No matter how big or small.

To clarify, these are things that without having someone knowledgeable tell you, you would have never figured out yourself. In regards to editor UX, would be cool to have those functions listed somewhere in the UI or have some sort of helping tool do it for you.

Here goes:

  1. Having to press shift to remove a paint layer, while having it selected

  2. Having to connect the vertex color node to see vertex colors

  3. Unticking “combine meshes” on initial import window to split multiple meshes inside an FBX/OBJ file (was looking inside the editor on how to do it, past import)

  4. “6 and 7 keys mirror and rotate FN architecture”

  5. How to break a prefab (I still can’t remember how to do this one tbh)

  6. When you build in Creative off grid, but grid is enabled on UEFN, all architecture will snap on UEFN and save snapped, but you won’t see it in Creative (architecture there will look same as you placed it). Then when you restart project, it will all be messed up.

  7. When placing a prefab with no structural support in UEFN, it will break upon launching Creative Edit. It shouldn’t let you place it in the air normally, because even after moving the pieces around they still retain gravity and will break on Creative launch.

  8. Anything modeling mode. Function icons dont seem to help you understand what it does and the icon names are also confusing (to someone that hasn’t used the tool yet). Maybe based on the selection in the asset you open the right menu (points, vertices, faces, volumes, etc)? Starting to understand it now, but it is one of the two most confusing things in the editor so far, with the other being:

  9. Anything material editor. I understand the power of it and I want to dig deeper, but this editor goes hard on the terminology and will be very hard to understand for beginners. Even though I used it before in UE4, I still had to watch tutorials to remember how to do anything, because its hard to remember any of the names of the nodes you have to use.

  10. Upon importing FBX/OBJ, everything imports except the materials (80% of the time). Then, a material is generated for you, but it’s a default material set to white. This makes you think that the initial design was with that material, instead of the right one.

Just a note here to let you know @Wertandrew I have captured and will be passing on this feedback

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