The compilable branches/tags


I’m new to unreal engine.

I have compiled the 4.5.1 version of the engine from github without a problem.

But I would like to stay on a tag/branch that is the latest implementation so I don’t have to manually check for it.

I tried compiling 4.6 and I got some steamapi errors that stops the engine from building in VS2013. I also tried the latest-preview with the same issue.

My question is, how do I know which version is compilable before I pull from the github?

I’m a bit confused.


The tags that got a fitting release of dependencies on github are generally buildable/runnable. The master branch might not.

That steam error you experience is a fault in the dependencies, just copy the steam sdk in place or diable the compilation of the steam module (search the forum for it).

Isn’t the Required1_of3 , Required2_of3 and Required3_of3 enough to build?