The clients are stuttering in multiplayer

Hello everyone,

Im making a multiplayer game , and when i play with as a client, the charcter is stuttering, but the other player don’t see it stuttering :

I search but i don’t find a solution :confused: Any idea ?

Do you have an example of a blueprint wich is doing this. I am not very good with bluperint and my english is very bad, so i don’t uderstand what you mean when you say " stutter player character on server "

The server does not stutter because it is the authority. Any and all values are final. The same is not true of the client. If the character is told to move on the client then tells the server to move, the server’s move will “undo” the client’s move on replication, thus causing the stutter. Ensure you are running no movement code on the client.

So i must look in my third person character blueprint if i have a movement code running on owning client ? ( Sorry if i don’t understand ^^ )