The City. An Urban exploration project

**The City
An Urban exploration project

Some twelve years ago I started to think about making games. A few years later Mirror’s Edge was released and I loved it. Since then I have wanted to make a parkour game where you can explore a city more freely. The last five years I have been working on this back and forth, it has gotten dropped and restarted a few time due to life. But now it is time to take this more seriously, and for this to happen there is a need for more people who thinks this sounds like a nice idea. Everything gets more fun when in a group, and also it tends to get better.

The project
Right now I don’t really see it as a game. I am working on a parkour locomotion system, and a bit on the city that is to be explored. I want to make a working Alpha of the locomotion system and some areas to test it on.
This will be a great opportunity for animators, programmers, architectural designers and environment artists to improve and try their skills. It will start as a collaboration project and I cannot offer any pay. But, there are future goals for this project to evolve into a game. If all goes well, it will even be a big game, and then there will most likely be money. At least that is my goal!

The world, the City
The goal is to make a very big city to explore. But that is for later. First is to set up some smaller areas and polish them to be able to get more people interested. After that we can start blocking out the rest. I have lots of thoughts, ideas and a map for the city, and already started to zone it.
It will be a sci-fi city, a cross of Mirror’s Edge and Ghost in the Shell, and some more futuristic design. But not all will be high rises and chrome. There will be “cultural” areas, like China Town, but for many more cultural types. There will also be underground complexes, and even hidden fantasy areas. All for the explorers joy.

The Collaborators
So, who is this for.
-Artist who likes working with Urban environments, all from High tech to dock slums. But there will also be need for urban fantasy, nature, and even “horror” assets. I will kiss any concept artist who joins (If you don’t like that, fine :slight_smile: )
-Animators who likes working with humanoid movements.
-Game designers who wants to help implement the locomotion system, world blueprints, and sooner or later some(a lot) NPCs.
-Programmers who can help customized the Pawn actor to make the locomotion systems easier to work with, and I suspect much more will be wanted.
-Audio designers to make the world and characters come alive.
-Producers, to get this running smoother.

Almost everyone is needed, and welcome.
What is most important is that you like the idea of a urban sci-fi exploration “game”, which will evolve into something we shouldn’t talk about now, but it will be great.

About me
Swedish game designer, at the prime age of 30. Been working back and forth with 3D for ten years, and game engines for about 5. Lives in Stockholm, and thinks it is time to get this project going for real now. So jump on.

You are welcome to respond here, or PM me on Discord @ tsuzumi 6 6 8 4, and I will be glad to expand on any question you might have on this project.

Update 1

20/10 2017

A short update. We are now 5 people, which are mostly focused on programming, BP and level design.
So if any artist are interested then that would be really nice. Especially architectural 3D and character animation would be cool.

This is a very simple world description.
And the simple map.
Which I have started on with world machine, and setting up landscapes and level LODs(which is about 65% done)Dropbox - UE4Editor_2017-02-12_22-40-47.png - Simplify your life
Got a good base character mesh that will be used for all human characters, with morph, like this.(clay texture, but nipple warning…NSFW?) Dropbox - 2017-03-30_10-39-46.gif - Simplify your life
It is about 25k tris and has a quite good rig(IMO). The animation setup is made in Blender, but I guess any program should work(?)

I also found this old post from before life took a good turn. It includes some more info which most is the same as now.

Small bump.

Added an update.

Hi. I am a amateur Blue Print Programmer and I can Contribute to Your Project. Wish You could include me in your Team

contact me @