The Cinema Rosa - An adventure game in a haunted cinema inspired by The Stanley Parable

The Cinema Rosa is a story-driven adventure **game **set in an abandoned cinema. Explore a unique, art deco cinema filled with dark mysteries, puzzles and ghosts. Can you bring peace to these haunted hallways and bring back the Golden Age of Hollywood, or will the cinema fall into ruin and decay?

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Key features

  • 1 - 2 hours of play time
  • Powerful, emotional storytelling
  • Puzzles that test your logic and skill
  • Items to examine and lore to explore
  • Complex VFX, including ghosts and haunted rooms
  • Cinematic cut-scenes
  • Dynamic, interactive environments
  • Classic references to old cinema and Hollywood
  • Music inspired by Bioshock

The Cinema Rosa brings a powerful, emotionally moving adventure to PC. A Mac version will be released a year later if the corresponding stretch goal is reached (If so, you will get a free Mac copy a year after the campaign ends).

The Cinema Rosa is a story-driven **game **where you uncover the history of two lovers who bought the cinema as a passion project, before things went downhill. Follow the story of their relationship as it unfolds alongside the story of the cinema’s decline, the two stories working as parallel narratives.

The game explores themes of loss, romance, nostalgia and regret, aiming to take the player on an emotional journey through the psychological effects of a relationship.
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Discoveries to be made around every corner. As you solve puzzles, you will begin to uncover the history of the cinema. The game world will become dynamic and changeable. Each room can be rebuilt and restored, giving you unprecedented control over the game’s environment. It’s a truly cinematic experience.

**Object interaction: **Find clues and hints about the history of the cinema in handwritten notes, postcards, phones and other objects. Collect objects for puzzles and figure out how they should be used.

Puzzles are a central part of the Cinema Rosa. They’re both engaging and immersive and will test your logic, memory and creativity. From riddles and numbers to torn down poster hints, you will be hunting for clues in every room.

Unlike the majority of puzzle games, puzzles in The Cinema Rosa actually serve a purpose and add to the story-line. Solving puzzles has an effect on the game world and reveals more about the central plot. As you solve puzzles, **the rooms around you will come alive, returning to their former glory. **

An essential part of The Cinema Rosa is the exploration of narrative through dream sequences. Each dream sequence reveals something haunting and mysterious about the cinema’s past. **Uncover stories of ghosts, fires and emotional turmoil **to find out once and for all what happened to this old cinema to leave it in ruin.

Find secrets in the dream world. Uncover objects and puzzles from the dream world that can affect the cinema, unlocking doors and opening secret passageways. What mysteries can be found in old memories and old dreams? Discover why these dreams reflect reality.

Lay to rest various **ghosts **- haunting the cinema.

The Cinema Rosa is now on Steam:

Get a copy TODAY on Steam:…e_Cinema_Rosa/