The Chronicles of Eithothlon

Hello Everyone! I am writing this as update to a post I wrote 1 yr ago! I am currently working on a Third Person RPG game called Originally about the time I picked CoE I realized a conflict as is also being created by a different unrelated Studio and also they use a different engine completely. My Project blog is currently being rebuilt and is now located at: Upgrading to Engine version 4.22 has slowed the development down a bit although I have acquired many assets which is continuously growing with all the Epic Games (Thank you Community!) This game may become an MMORPG upon final release which may be late fall 2019! I am hoping to be able to maybe target Christmas 2019! If not then Christmas 2020 if not earlier… Time will definitely tell.

Hopefully this post won’t disappear as the last one seems to have done!

Update: the project blog site is here: Like the project, the site is a work in progress as I am one person doing everything from building sites to building the actual project.

Update: Having purchased the MMO Starter Kit by Codespartan, I am pleased to announce the alpha testig server is running. It’s not yet ready for testing by the public yet as there is some cosmetic and other work including some additional levels that aren’t ready at the time of this update. Also, we’re having domain problems. I will provide another update soon!

Hello Everyone!

I am giving you an update that I now have a demo server running. I don’t yet have the downlosd system in place yet although that should be coming in a few weeks! I will definitely update this thread with a link soon.

Hello friend, your blog link doesn’t seem to work. I was gonna checkout your game but it seems that I cannot do that!

Hi! Sorry for the late (12 Days) response. I really need to up the project blog which I am aware isn’t working now. I do currently have a closed server running and my initial test of one and two clients has been somewhat successful. I say closed because the project is not open to the public as of yet pending the use of an asset which I have some permission to use. Also, I am using the MMO Starter Kit by @Codespartan which is currently running the server mentioned above. If you are interested in my project you can contact me on here.


Update: I am currently working on rebuilding the project blog site and also working on a system to enable downloading the client which is not for public distribution at this time. I am seeking a small number of game testers for closed testing. More information will be available on the project blog which I am currently rebuilding which is another work in progress like everything involving this project and sub projects that are actively being developed.

Hello everyone! I know that my posting updates are getting almost non-existent because of the engine migration from version 4 to UE 5. Just recently I obtained the MMO Kit for UE5 from @Codespartan. Presently I am waiting for the source engine to build. I will be updating this more regularly once the project is running with the source engine.

At the moment I am currently working on a Proof of Concept (POC) massively multiplayer online (MMO) roleplaying game which is story-driven and adaptable. I don’t want to give too many spoilers away.

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