The Child - UE4/Metahuman Short film

Film : Bird in a Box - The Child
Vimeo [betterquality] : Bird in a Box - The Child.mp4 on Vimeo

Hi everyone !

We are happy to share with you our first short “music” film using metahuman, UE4, ray-tracing and path-tracing.

It’s the first chapter of our short film “The Alchemist” and the first song of our album…

Hope you enjoy !

Bird in a Box

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Really Really cool. Congratulations on a job well done! :wink:



Thanks a lot ! :blush: Next chapter … Ue5 and lumen :smiley:

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Wow ! :fire:
Amazing work guys, congrats to the team.
Can’t wait for the next ones

Wow ! Amazing job !!!

Thanks guys ! we got some issues with youtube. So we put the video online on vimeo