The character doesn't move his feet

I slightly changed the character’s pose using Sequencer in 2 standard Animation Sequences: MF_Idle and MF_Walk_Fwd, and the result is LogIdle and LogWalk Animation Sequence, but when using the resulting animations in the standard Animation Blueprint (ABP_Manny) the character’s feet stop moving.

Sorry for this format, but I get the following error: Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.


I am guessing the problem with your animations is that the IK Bones are not animated.

There are two ways to fix this problem. Either animate your IK Bones or create Virtual Bones in your Skeleton and edit your control rig.

Please see both of these videos and choose one of these options.

Option 1: Animate IK Feet

Option 2: Create Virtual Bones

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Yes you are absolutely right, the problem was indeed IK Bones, they were not animated. I solved the problem with Option 1. Thanks for your help!

There is an additional problem, perhaps you or someone from the forum knows how to solve it: the feet are always parallel to the horizon despite the fact that in the animation of the feet behave correctly

If you used Option 1: Animate IK Feet. Don’t forget to check the “Snap Rotation” box