The Character Coming Towards Us On The Map

In my game, I want an animal to come towards me, so I added it to my map, but I don’t know how to walk it towards me, I would appreciate it if you could help me.


Right now it just stays fixed on my map.

I’m making an endless running game and I want a bear to come towards me while I’m running. I’m going to avoid the lanes I set and this bear by jumping right or left. I have now added the bear to the strips but it remains motionless I want it to come towards me.
For example, like the trains in the subway surf game.

You’ve included so little info that it’s pretty much impossible to suggest something tangible. Perhaps this is enough:


Also Beer vs Bear. :wink:

Like Everynone said, this is a very confusing question. Do you mean the animal won’t come towards you in your level, or do you have some sort of mini-map, or by some random means do you mean a map as in the data container?

I still can’t solve my problem, can anyone help?

Sounds like you need to use the AI Move To node (WTF Is? AI Move To in Unreal Engine 4 ( UE4 ) - YouTube), or else go ‘whole hog’ and flesh out a complete Behavior Tree for your enemy AI?