The CC9 Botdroid

Hey folks. Did this in a few hours today, gauging interest:
He’s physically-simulated and player- or AI-controllable, (his little head looks where you’re aiming the camera) Re AI, he knows how to roll to locations (stop rolling when near enough), wander randomly, sit still and move his head around to be cute, dutifully follow objects around, etc. Video in tweet!

I thought he might be a good addition to the Marketplace as a basic AI/physics pawn example type dealio (plus he’s just cute as heck). What do y’all reckon.

concept is good, but design doesn’t seams to fit into fair use =)

Looks cute. :smiley:
Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:


Looks pretty cool! I would be careful though, it does cause one to immediately think of the BB8 droid which could cause some legal issues with Disney.

I like this :smiley:

Good idea, but I think, that a very small part of developers would need this for their games.