The Canal Settlement

The Canal Settlement - UE4 Game Environment/Building/Level design - YouTube

The Canal Settlement is a large urban environment situated on a small canal network. I designed over 14 buildings for this project. This building set takes inspiration from Southern European architecture in small towns and rural areas. There is also an Indian influence as well. I suppose the art is a cross between something stylized and something more ‘‘realistic’’. The video is a whistlestop tour of the town.

Portfolio: ArtStation - Lewellyn Walters

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Greetings @Lewellyn_Walters !

Thank you for sharing The Canal Settlement with us! I would definitely consider this a “Eurasian” style. :wink:

There are a lot of open spaces in the settlement and some nice places to hide. Was this environment designed with a PvP or multiplayer game in mind? What are your plans for the town?

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Thank you for your comment Dovah. It could be PvP, yes. My plan is to continue designing different Urban environments like this with a variance of building styles. As for this town, I will be expanding it at some point.