The camera does not follow the pawn :(

Hello! First of all thank you for your time.
I’m doing a project, in which initially, used a character but then for several reasons decided to change to pawn.
The game with the character worked perfect in relation to the camera, since it followed him when he moved, but when I decided to change pawn, it stopped working correctly. Obviously configure everything so that everything works correctly, as I had done with the character, but here is something that is not working properly, since my pawn moves, but the camera remains static in the initial position. I leave some screenshots of blueprints and configurations, although I do not know if it will serve you too much.
Thank you so much!!

I think you’re static mesh is just running around without the collision component, spring arm camera or anything since nothing is below it in the hierarchy.

rather than simulating physics on the mesh, simulate physics in the sphere collision component and apply the torque and physics stuff to that. just turn off collision in the static mesh.

or make the mesh the root and delete the collision component.

then your camera should start following the ball and spinning like crazy since it inherents rotation, so remember uncheck the boxes in the spring arm.