The c++ template for third person is missing code

when i create third person template in 4.8 i go to c++ tab then select third person template but it does not create any c++ code if i go to add c++ class and select character it creates blank character template not the one that is used in the actual template for third person i want to look at the code to see what is going on but it seems it was created in blueprint and not c++ any ideas where i can look at the actual c++ code not the blueprint for this?


I am sorry to hear about your problem.
You should be able to find your C++ code in C++ Classes tab in the Content Browser:


There you can select the Character-derived class, created for Third Person Template and edit it in the Visual Studio.

Hope this helped!

Good luck!

thats where i went in 4.7.6 but when i updated to 4.8 it is not there it is only blueprinted is this something that was changed in 4.8?