The buttons on my widgets are acting weird. When I press them down, I can never press them again!

Sorry if my title sounds weird, but this is really the issue I’m having here.

First, quick back story on my game: Similar to Cry of Fear, a Cell Phone is an item the player can use. If the player starts with one, the Phone will display important mission details while allowing them to keep track of the enemy. However, when I press the buttons on my widget, my widget sort of freezes there leaving the button pressed down (and the widget unusable).

My only guess is that I didn’t something that just doesn’t work together. I’ve never worked with 3D widgets, so really anything could be wrong here. So I included everything relevant to the interaction of my 3D widget.

To do this, I made a 3D widget and placed it on a phone. Simple, but this is only good for ONE screen while I need two. I tried to use a widget switcher, but that’s just not working right. Here’s the switcher and my click events:

In my Player controller, I used a set up I found in an Unreal Engine tutorial about interactable 3D widgets here (…ion/index.html) and this forum thread on using widget switchers here: (…ials-out-there) Which told me to set this up in my player character to Interact with my widget:

However, when I click my button, nothing happens besides my button getting sorta stuck down. Like here the blue one here: