The bullet hit effect, UE4 how to set up?

Hi Guys:
What if set the bullet hit effect, such as metal, wood, glass bullet marks left by the above ~ ~!

If there is a video tutorial or document is best ~ ~!


Well I would first work on getting your deferred decals setup and working so that you could in the editor stamp the decal and see it working.
Then I would work on getting a weapon model working and firing in your code or blueprint, I am guessing blueprint.

Then go into your weapon blueprint and ( This is where I would not specifically know ) but just guessing you will have to pull some sort of get trace/look pull name it as a variable then set that variable on the trace and then link it to render that deferred decal by setting up the deferred decal as a variable of sort as well.

I know so help full but I know that’s in the right direction.

Thank you , thanks for your reply.I will continue my work ~ ~!