The build process - how to minimize size, choose levels etc.

Hey all.

I’m new to the unreal way of doing things and I’ve noticed a few oddities that maybe someone can fill me in with.

I’ve got a really simple level with a couple of assets in. So I do a FILE->Package Project->Windows and I get a new Folder named “WindowsNoEditor” created in it. Within that folder I have the “Engine” folder and the <gamename> folder, plus two files which seem to be manifest files. Inside the <gamename> folder there is a “Binaries” and a “Content” folder.

So my questions are:

  1. Which folders are absolutely required to be copied over during an install of the built game?
  2. The content folder in the game folder is pretty huge, is there no scene reference counting of assets to be packaged?
  3. I don’t seem to have any way of specifying the default launch settings of the game (resolution etc), is that possible?
  4. Why is the build folder called WindowsNoEditor and where does that setting come from?
  5. I can change build settings from the File->Package Project->Packaging Settings dialogue, but get different either 32bit or 64bit versions of the exe, what causes that to change?

I guess in general I’m trying to understand what the build process is meant to be for shipping a game with the engine. Where are the various settings taken from, what can be configured etc.

Thanks for any insights.

Hello, im’ very pleased to make my very first post here ! so : hello everyone !
+1, i’ve finished my very first archviz and when i exported it, all my project files were copied, leading to 1GB folder. In fact, a very short fraction of the assets are used.
I’m lso puzzled with same other issues : resolution, etc…
BTW i’m impressed by UE4 !

I dont have the answer for all of these but a couple of things you should do;

Make sure there are no maps in the content folder that you dont need for the final packaging. The engine will package only the necessary assets needed for those maps. And don’t forget to pick the first map of your game(which can be the menu map or the first lvl of your game if you dont have a start up menu) from Project Settings inside the editor.

You can set the resolution and windowed/fullscreen mode for the launch of your game from one of the INI files, i dont remember which one right now. And you’ll see ConsoleVariables.ini in your packaged game’s folder, so i believe you can use certain console commands to set a strat up quality for the game with that INI.

I wouldn’t bother with the name WindowsNoEditor. You can change it to your game’s name after packaging.