The Bricksperience (released but not finished)


The Bricksperience is a relaxing game in which you build your favorite LEGO® sets piece by piece from the point of view of a minifigure. By finishing sets you earn Bricksperience Points which allow you to unlock new features to help you build sets faster and more convenient. When you’re tired of the sets that come with the game, you can export the available bricks as an LDD palette or LDraw file and create and import your own models into the game. LEGO® is a trademark of The LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this non-commercial product. [HR][/HR]
The visuals are simple:

The game is released but not finished:

I hope you like it!

Legooo :o

In the options menu i don’t know what those icons do, you should put some text under/above them.
Also i had no idea how to place them, and the game just frozen for me after a few minutes.
But looks promising! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply!

The icons in the options menu lead to sub menus. I thought the icons were quite obvious but I might change that.
You place them with a left click onto the spot where they are located. You can see where they are located on the tablet (the instructions). Hold down the right mouse button to move the camera of the instructions.
I played the packaged game for a while and encountered no issues. What were you doing when the game started to freeze?


So i don’t know what caused that to freeze, i was switching between my browser and the game with alt+tab.

About the game play, you might want to add a list or something to the tablet so people know which item to look for.
Maybe some visuals, so if i picked up the right item i know where to place it :smiley: (+ an error message would be good if i place it wrong)

Also that blue thing at the bottom-left corner what is it for?

Anyways, i liked it, good job :slight_smile:

That look nice.
Love Lego

@Azarus: You obviously haven’t taken a look at the Bricksperience menu (in the top right corner where you select a set): :wink:

There are enough unlockables to make the gameplay more convenient, including a part list for each step, more inventory slots, the option to sort bricks by color and more skills (the blue thing in the bottom left corner) like a skill that highlights the destination of the brick you’re currently holding.

To see how to use those skills, check out the “How to play”-menu. :slight_smile:

PS: A new version is coming out tomorrow with lots of improvements and more content.

Very cool! Brings back memories of a little game I used to play (pre minecraft) called blockland I think

If i would be you, i would ask Lego to make an official product out of your nice game.

Nah, that will never happen. The quality of this is way too low for LEGO’s standard. On the other hand I read somewhere that Blockland used to be an official LEGO product as well. Anyway, I contacted LEGO (without naming the title of the game) whether this falls under their fair-play policy or not but I didn’t get a clear answer. So I don’t know what happens when LEGO finds out about this game.

Mh perhaps some other brixx-company is interested.
If you realease it official as commercial product, it would be nice to have a good partner at your side, if you encounter copyrightproblems.
About the quality. My son played last week some similar bricks builder game, was an older one, but it was not better looking then yours.
Something like that

Interesting article. But this game relies on the ldraw file format for input and only the lego community offers such tools and formats.

Even though this will be one of the few projects I have actually finished, I wouldn’t even want to sell it if I could.

After some problems I solved, V1.2 is now available:



  • 11 Sets
  • More than 150 bricks
  • Performance improvements
  • Added Rainy Evening Indoor Environment (WIP)
  • Added Ambience slider to Audio Options
  • Added all colors
  • Bricks don’t spawn all at once
  • Bricks that go missing (like clipping through the floor) will come back
  • Added unlockable feature which skips empty slots when scrolling through inventory
  • Added unlockable which allows you to sprint
  • Removed broken screenshot feature
  • Added unlockable skill which displays an arrow in front of you that guides you to a brick you need for the current step
  • Gave each skill it’s own cooldown value (so you can use multiple skills at the same time)
  • Added another Double-Interaction-Range unlockable
  • Added an unlockable which displays how many of the needed items you have in your inventory
  • Added difficulty option to miscellaneous options menu
  • Other small improvements

Do you plan multiplayer? It would be kinda fun i think :stuck_out_tongue:
Also i think you should update your first post with the video so more people catch your project!

Man, this multiplayer would be a lot of fun… My hands are pretty full with my project but if you’d like any help on this, OP, I could definitely set aside some time.

This should go to mobile devices. So much fun :smiley:

About multiplayer: Not only I have never worked on multiplayer games, it also wouldn’t make any sense until it has become more popular.
About mobile: I doubt mobile can handle all the physics in this game.

> it also wouldn’t make any sense until it has become more popular.

I respectfully disagree. It probably wouldn’t become more popular without mp

This looks quite neat to be honest. I will give +1 on multiplayer.

I’m a bit late but I looked into MP. It would require the whole game to be remade so that is not an option until there will be a sequel (if there ever will).

I just released V1.4. The biggest change is that it uses converted LDraw bricks which means the bricks have much more details and my workflow is much faster.


Next up will be interaction with the set in display mode.

You should submit it to greenlight so we can upvote :stuck_out_tongue: