The branch node seems a bit broken.


When I pick up the first key everything works fine. On the other hand, once I pick up the second key, it executes both of the sequences again, even though I have a branch node there to ensure that it wouldn’t do that (I have tried “do once”). I have made sure that the condition variables are checked. (I want to execute the custom events only once).
#1st key is picked up.
*It prints (2)
#2nd key is picked up
*It prints (2) and (1)

I had another node setup, where it simultaneously fired both of the branch outputs (True/False). Even though the code was executed once.

I’m using 5.0.3

Hey @hents80

looking at the picture this could be caused by:

  • Multiple widgets created with the same functionality +
  • One TagContainer has multiple tag entries
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Hmmm, you might just be right.

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