THE BOUNDS (Project Louisiana). Horror point'n'click with VR options.

Build V0.2.30.

First level, hallway and library. Done. Programming. Done.

Second Level, structure OK. Programming starting in a few days.

Here is the upcoming demo we are working on (controller first, then we’ll add complete VR support and redesign!).


**Project Louisiana **(working title) is a VR horror experience we are building with Unreal Engine. You play the role of a father looking for his missing daughter. The scene takes place in a louisiana mansion.

We are in the early alpha stage and we are trying different ideas for the riddles. The game will be a VR point n click.

For now here are some early footage and a few screenshots of the first two rooms.

Hope you’ll like it.

Visual presentation

Lightning blueprint system




I’ll come back with updates very soon.



A quick update, since we are thrilled!

We are texturing, right now. All PBR maps, billboards to reduce drawcalls. We have a lot of modular assets to build the architecture and decoration, and a few unique assets (as the wood globe).

Some work in progress preview.

Substance painter FTW.

The scene keep building.

More polish on the texturing even if some assets are not yet mapped. The lighting is a step forward, I’ll just boost light map resolution during performance tests.

Hope you’ll like it.



This project looks really cool!

How many of you are working on it?
The Artwork seems to be going strong, hows the gameplay going?

Hey Nemecys,

The team is “3 and half” (LOL) or 5 persons right now. :slight_smile:

I am the director of the project, and I manage all the visuals and UE4 integration (assets, scenery, lights, materials, etc…). One trainee is helping me for the modeling. One prog is working on the blueprints and 2 friends are providing the writing. We are about 70 days in production right now (no one is full time, so it’s not 70 straight days…).

The gameplay is still work in progress but it’s going on too. Geraud (prog) works with us since the end of May. We have the item picking system working (still a bit rough, but it works), the programmer is working on the refine systems (show model in the inventory, rotating and observing it to pick some clues). Puzzles are done on the paper, we’ll have to test them ingame.

The goal is to provide 3 levels for the demo. Controller gameplay and VR gameplay (with some differents puzzles). We have a deadline, but we’ll annonce it in time. There’s still a ton of work to do.

Thanks for your interest.


Here is the first WiP trailer.



Great Update.

Everything is working fine, we’ll have every puzzles and every riddles playable by the end of July.

We can now announce the name of the demo.


We have more good news to announce, I’ll keep you in touch.



It’s offical, starting Augyst 6th, we’ll run the first playtest of the entire first part.

Some poeple are already in, and we are really excited to see the first players reactions and their returns…

To celebrated, here the WiP start menu of the demo.

Vimeo link because ■■■■■■ Youtube quality (…)

Cheers guys!

After a week off, and a bit of rest, it keeps building! :wink:

Working on the interface for the puzzles and riddles… Everything is working perfect, we just have to integrate everything in the build! :slight_smile:

Just a few words.

Playtests start tonight, the first level is almost complete (few backgrounds to improve and some textures to add or to tweak).

You can see the lightwork in the artstation portfolio, there is a few shots i didn’t post on the forum. :wink:

Like or sharei f you like it! :slight_smile:

See you soon.

We are glad to show you the first minutes of the early demo, played as for the playtest. We are working on adjusting a few things, but the game seems to do great and the feedbacks are very positive…

Since it is a narrative / puzzle driven game, we don’t want to spoil you too much…

All is work in progress.

The definitive demo (2 full levels, 1 epilogue) will be available this fall on .

Hope you’ll like it!

First playtests are over, and I’m glad to announce that the level design, puzzle solving and exploration of the first level is LOCKED! :slight_smile:

May thanks to our testers, they were great, very involved!

Now let’s take care of the second level!


First news about the project on a french videogame site!

As always feel free to follow us on facebook or on twitter. The amount of work is HUGE for our micro team, but that kind of support is pushing us to keep going!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Looks intriguing! I’m in love with the art style! It doesn’t distract and provokes a spooky atmosphere. I like the simple UI design, although I must say I’m not a huge fan of the blue dot, but that’s just personal preference and its color does stick out. The game does look really dark in some areas, making it hard to see anything, although that might just be due to YouTube’s compression. The writing I cannot critique because I can’t speak French :stuck_out_tongue:
I also like the subtle sound design, the quiet ambient music emphasizes the atmosphere. Also the load sound the door lock makes when you get the code wrong breaks the silence in an uncomfortable way, making you wish you got the code right.

So far, I really like where the project is heading and if I get the chance to playtest a later build, I gladly will!

Thanks! Follow the project on facebook, we’ll soon need some testers for the english version! :slight_smile:

When it’s too dark and you can’t see, there is always hope! You just have to find it…:wink:

Let there be light!

Cool! Let me know when you need me! :smiley:

Worked on outside of the mansion and the rain this week end.

Later, guys! :slight_smile:

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted…

Everybody is working really hard to improve every aspect of the game. Lately, Géraud was programming all the first level, there is no more left to do. In the same time i made various tests with the physic system. A lot of fun, a lot of ideas, integrating this to the LD was so thrilled!

I remade some of the lighting systme, rebalance colors, reworked fake GI. Help setting the mood.

I’ll be back very soon for some updated gameplay trailer.