The both amazing and horrible experience of building a game inside a tent on zero budget ...

If you guys are interested in a little behind the scenes …
Wondering why I am doing this?
One job that takes 2 hours and you make $100 you can live off that for 2 weeks.
That means 140 hours minus 2 hours = 138 hours in a 2 week period you sit and work on your game
and not wasting your time with humanity’ silly nonsense. :slight_smile:

Whoa that’s a crazy way to live and make games! :smiley: I wish you best of luck with it.
One thing to consider is, that kickstarter / indiegogo backers might prefer to see a polished and near final small section of the game. Sometimes called “vertical slice”.
Instead of rough blockouts of all 16+ levels in your game that you seem to be focusing on atm.
Anyway that’s just something you might want to consider, obviously I have no idea what you want your crowdfunding campaign to be like so, maybe blockouts are the way to go for you.

Well the main issue right now is to get by with as little overhead possible.
Blocking out a game this way is maybe not the best way to go but I am certainly moving along with it much faster than when I was renting and dealing with horrible day jobs that don’t pay anything anyways.
Just the sanity of it alone helps me focus and even give me experiences I can put in the game.
Maybe that sounds crazy but its kinda like an actor preparing for a role …
Anyways I plan to block out all 16 levels (I am more than halfway) and then trailer and then all out for the dev grant, indiegog and Kickstarter yes.
I am about 2 months away from that not long to go.
I am actually saying no to paying gigs because I don’t want to spend my time working so much.
Know that sounds crazy.
I should mention I work during the day mostly in a coffee shop and library which is heated so its not all that bad.
The tent is really just to avoid having to pay rent.
This is just like climbing a mountain really.
Not such a big deal in fact much easier )

Yes you will notice on some levels I go for a near finished look.
I plan to do a trailer that will look really polished … yet simple but hopefully powerful.
But thank you for the input there that is why I post here to see what the community thinks and what ideas they can throw me. )

I have great respect that. Life is too short to waste and not follow our dreams. I’m kind of curious where you get electricity if you’re living in a tent though.

Don’t work or live in the tent get up at 5 am and run over to a nearby coffee shop / library where I can plug in and work.
I have 3 Energizer external battery packs I keep charged just in case I do need to meet a deadline and work in the tent.
however my older laptop shuts down if its too cold. The Asus ROG gaming laptop is stellar. Works right in the cold no issues.
Biggest issue working in the tent at night is Mr bug who is attracted to the light of the monitor and comes to sit on my mouse cursor
and supervise my game building :slight_smile:

I have this funny feeling the making of of this game might turn out to be more interesting than the game itself that is why I am documenting everything in great detail :slight_smile:

That’s funny. Just don’t fart :smiley:

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