The Book GuY

i FORGET WHO IT WAS BUT SOMEONE did a free blueprints book, has he done any more books? and is the book still relevant to 4.7 ?

I think you mean this guy: :slight_smile: It seems like one written tutorial is still in WIP
In 4.7 just the UI has changed, so even when he made the tutorials in 4.6 it should still work perfectly

Is there a way to contact him on here> I want book 2 but cant use amazon. so I am wondering if he is selling it other areas

@KitatusStudios]( I’m calling yooou!

thank you very much


I’m here!

Working on some more books now as well as updating the old books; Keep an eye on or @Kitatus_Studios]( for updates!

No ETA specifically but hopefully going to have a new wave of books & updates around August / September; All free of course! :slight_smile:

Just have to say this. LOVE you’re books man! So easy to understand! :slight_smile:

Hehe, Thanks! That’s awesome :slight_smile:

There’s loads more coming along; Hopefully branching out to more then just books; But more on that at a later date :slight_smile:

I too, am a big fan of your books, have all of them on my kindle :slight_smile:

It seems to 2 of your books on google play book #1 and 2versions of book #3 why that is?

Woo! I feel more famous :slight_smile:

Real answer? I have no idea. Haven’t had the time to sit down with Google Play and sort it all out. Will sort it soon!

coughSUPER DISTRO!cough.



Then I can get back to working on the free books and whatnot for KITATUS :slight_smile: