The Book | **Award- Winning** Unreal 4 Short-film

We are very happy to share our Award- Winning animated shot-film “The Book”
It is really great to have unreal in our filmmaking life, it gives us the opportunity to render and review and change in Realtime.
The Book short film was rendered in Realtime with Unreal-Engine 4 , using mostly assets modeled by our team and some Quixel Megascans / marketplace assets. Xsens Motion Capture suit was used for the animation.

Hope you like the film


■■■■ impressive, shows exactly how it feels being in creative process :eyes:

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This is incredible :heartpulse:

The environment, creature creation, and ominous music are so well placed. Not even to mention the story?? Just- chefs kiss.

Thanks so much for sharing your film and letting us take a peak into your imagination. Hope to see more! :slight_smile: