The bone size is too small to create Physic manually

Hi mates,

This post is for this problem:
The bone size is too small to create Physics Asset ‘Prueba2_Physics’ from Skeletal Mesh ‘Prueba2’. You will have to create physics asset manually.

i download a girl model that i need to my “game” and i realised that it hasnt got skeletal so i try to put it as you can see in the picture:

then i export it to .fbx to import on UE4 browser to my folder and it sends me the message error about bones too small and i don´t know how to create that physics, because when i click on skeletal to try to make physics only appears this:

And I cant click anything.

Thanks for all your help

I can send you my .fbx and my .max if u want try to do it, but i think it’s something wrong


You may have to actually create the physics asset manually, it isn’t very difficult to do once you know what to do. Take a look at the physics asset for the default mannequin character mesh, most of the smaller bones are encompassed in a single rigid body.

These links should help get you started: