The blueprint debug stepping buttons should not move around while debugging to avoid mistakes

The blueprint debug step into/next/step out buttons in the tool bar sometimes move place depending on the context you jump to, sometimes within the same file. This can make you misclick a button and step out when you meant to step in, etc., losing all debugging context for a problem you were working on.

A common case where this happens is when stepping takes you inside a macro. Visually you see “I need to step over 4 nodes, I’ll click the ‘Step to the next node to be executed in the current graph’ button four times”, instead one of them is a macro and takes you inside, shifts the buttons, and does something random like end your PIE session depending on where things shifted.

Whichever place they go in the UI, they should never move, or if they do, they should have a big visual flash and cool down or something before they can be clicked again.