"The Black Swan" - Short film in Unreal Engine

Hello everyone! I’m very happy to share my latest personal project. Started as a quick gig at the end of last year, recently I wanted to make a short reel in UE4 with it, using Master & Commander music as theme. Here is the result!

For more renders and details, please follow the link!



Models ans materials looks awesome! Really like the splash / waves effect of how water react to the movement of the ship :slight_smile: The music fits like a glove too. Really awesome work :smiley:

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Hey! Thanks a lot for the comment! I’m very glad you like the film and the music! for the water effect I really have to thank Waterline Pro, which is an amazing plugin. I have been struggling to get realistic ocean look with the “basic” water. Most of the simulation and look is part of the plugin!

Looks awesome! I love the direction to start with the camera underwater and then submerge. The sound damping underwater also made it so much more immersive! Have you experimented with also damping the music at the beginning while the camera is underwater? I think that could of been cool. Then when it submerges the music also becomes clear.

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Thank you for the comment! The idea of changing the music while underwater seems very interesting! I should have tried! I didn’t really think about adding the sound effects until almost the end of the production. I thought that just the music could be enough. Then I found that website with free sound effects library and I have to admit that adding underwater, waves, wind and sails sounds added a lot of depth. Something I will have to develop more in the next project!

Really looks awesome, nice job.
Just one thing “annoyed me”, the movement (right to left 44sec to 50sec) from the ship seems far to quick to me, leaving me with the feeling that the ship is way too light on water.
I’d had liked to feel the weight a bit more with more of a pendulum on the vessel heel , hope this makes sense, i’m non english native :smiley:

Anyway awesome job, I can’t even think how much work this is. :slight_smile:

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