The biggest Blueprints limitation, can't set dynamic values at init

As the title says, in the Blueprints is just impossible create a new BP in runtime or editor and change the parameters/values dynamically, you can change the values just from the details panel.
For example the current system don’t allow you to create different vehicles since all have to be hardcoded, all the values are static because the physics can’t change at runtime, and at spawn a actor you can change the parameters just from the Node, but you can’t set for example engine speed from a parameter you have changed, this don’t affect only to the vehicles, but all the blueprints!

Please add something to change this at create the Blueprints…

Some kind of ExposeOnSpawn but that allow to edit all the parameters.

Well this is clear a big limitation and no replies ¯_(ツ)_/¯ gg

Uhm, you can create a variable and expose it when spawning and simply feed it to the corresponding variable in your construction/beginplay function.

Yeah I’m a little confused since you’re kind of answering your own question with ExposeOnSpawn, at least in relation to your example (engine speed). Why can’t you just expose the engine speed as a variable?

Or just create child classes of your vehicle and change their parameters there, unless you somehow plan on having completely random settings every time you spawn a new vehicle, at which point that functionality is entirely doable within your vehicle blueprint anyway .

You can expose vars from the Blueprint and exposeonspawn but the whole engine clases got about more than 10 to 100 vars per class that aren’t exposed in the core engine and expose all of that into a single node is like the pp volume a nightmare, that is why a system is needed

But why can’t you just create a child class of your class and change the settings there, and spawn that child class instead? Maybe I’m not understanding what you’re trying to do exactly.

There’s a lot of variables that are not exposed to blueprints at all that probably really should be. I was kind of confused at the vehicle mention and went looking, almost nothing can be changed at runtime from what I saw.

Bump this another show case made by Epic Dropbox - File Deleted

Not possible to set const defautl parameters from Blueprints.

The biggest limitation right now in UE4

Bump / +1, i pretty much started writing custom plugins day3 of starting with UE4 to overcome this