The Best 3D game engine for beginners?

Hello, where is the best 3D game engine codeless for beginners?

Tried Gadot and am not fully impressed with it compared to UE4. IMO, any game engine needs some understanding in game development to get a lot out of it.

What about modding a game? Wouldn’t that be best for beginners? After all the question is “best game engine for beginners.” To learn what’s going on in an engine, why not learn with an engine that has a complete game already that can be modified? You know, like how UDK gave enough content from the game it was based in. In other words, maybe “from scratch” isn’t the best way to learn.

Bethesda releases their construction kits for skyrim and fallout. I think far cry does something similar. Gary’s mod, sure its old, but you learn about source engine. There’s also map editors. I think the rest of this list is already answered by NexusMods. Apparently all of those are moddable. Minecraft also. There’s a surprising amount, but some might challenge your patience and knowledge, but that’s part of the learning experience (at least for some).