The Belgian Police uses the VR Police Training VRTS!

OneBonsai designed and developed a VR Police Training for their client VRTS.

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This VR training is used by a Police Force in Belgium for :

  • Tactical and Intervention training
  • Violence de-escalation training
  • Decision making under stress
  • Situational training in dangerous scenarios

Why is this VR training important for the police in Belgium ?
Police forces have to deal with more and more violence and stress. The actual training methodologies have a challenging time keeping up with this very fast evolution.
In-situation training is very expensive and very time consuming. VRTS comes as an excellent tool to quickly train many police agents on training situations that would be too expensive, too complex and too dangerous to do in real-life.

Let me explain that through a practical example :
Traditionally, for the police to organize one training for an active-shooter in a train station situation, they have to :

  • Find an abandoned train station to do the training in ;
  • Warn the entire neighborhood that gunshots will be heard and should not cause alarm ;
  • A safety perimeter must be set all around the training area to avoid endangering wandering bystanders ;
  • A dozen of actors must be hired in order to play the victims and the civilians ;
  • All these people must be brought to that location on that specific day ;
  • Multiple police trainers must be present in order to follow through the scenario and coach the trainees ;
  • Once the police trainees have gone once through the train station, they know the premises from memory and will remember the actors.

At the end of all this preparation and planning, only a dozen of agents have been trained on this single scenario. Belgium counts about 38.000 police officers ! These real life trainings are very difficult to scale.

OneBonsai solves these hurdles with VR using Unreal Engine :

  • The Belgian police zone of Semois-et-Lesse setup our VR training system in their police station. The training system is available to the police officers 24/7 ;
  • More than 12 training scenarios are available out of the box. An active shooter situation in a Belgian train station is one of these scenarios ;
  • These trainings are fully multiplayer. Police officers can train with one up to 8 agents at the same time ;
  • As the trainings are virtual, none of the organization and logistics hurdles listed above remain. Police officers can just go in and train through many situations in a matter of a few hours.
  • The situations are procedurally generated. This means that two scenarios never happen the same. This allows police officers to train their decision making skills and their police procedures under stress. They never work a situation from memory. They always work on adapting to evolving situations.

The reception by the Police trainers and trainees is outstandingly positive.

VR does not replace 100% of the police training
VR comes as a complement to the real life trainings organized by the Police. Instead of doing 2 scenario-based trainings per year in real life, each police officer of Semois-et-Lesse can do 12 scenario-based trainings in VR and 1 real life training.
This way, they train on many more situations in less time and for a reduced cost.
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