The Behind - The Beyond upcoming Story driven pc game (News, Trailer)

Here is the Reveal Trailer of my game on which i have been working since 8 months

"The Behind The Beyond " is a Game which tells the story about a agent who is a victim of his own hallucinations. Through out the game he is perplexed between his dreams and reality. You are on your own, you know everything, and yet nothing!! You will be captivated throughout, be thrilled on your Expedition.

At present i’am planning 5 big levels to play in the first part of my game, the game will be releasing in 3 parts and i’am planning something new after this, if this all goes right… hoo offf the topic… all right

In this part there will be 3 characters to play ( Don’t think you can choose any 1 to play, no its not like that, according to story you will be playing 3 roles) and i promise you all will like the story and the way the game will run, since I alone work it may take some time on updates and i will try my best to keep you all updated.

Our Hero will be an assistant to an Agent which is Lady character

The Main and important point in the first part is The villain in the game will be our hero in the second part

Story trailer will be released soon in a week or two

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I’am Planing to give 200 free Pre-Alpha Game Demo of my game. Interested People ( they should be developers or reviewers or gamedev related ) can contact me at [EMAIL=“”]

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Sidhanth Mohite


These are my recent updates on level design from my game the behind the beyond

Story Trailer of my game, hope you all like it