The behavioral tree ruins my game experience .. any advice?

Good morning, I would like clarifications on an issue that has been troubling me for days. I speak of BehaviurTree …
I state that I am very new.
As I’ve been told, an Actor can’t run more than one behavioral tree.
So I asked myself:

But if I had an NPC with a behavioral tree for movements / actions …
how can I give it a behavioral tree for dialogues without excluding that of actions?

I’ll explain: The problem I have is that I can’t get an NPC to continue an action when it enters a behavioral tree for dialogue.

If my NPC is running its main behavioral tree, “perform actions based on the change of BlackBoard Key” must stop to answer me, because its dialogues are in the behavioral tree predisposed to the dialogues?

I have seen different videos and read some guides.
I noticed that many people put the behavioral tree in an AI controller predisposed to dialogue, so I thought:

if I have an AI controller for dialogue in a COMPONENT associated with an NPC and an AI controller for Actions / Movements in the 'NPC,
can I therefore run a behavioral tree for each AI of my NPC?

Is there a solution?
I hope I haven’t created any confusion.