The Begin

Hi Everyone! Im new to the game developement community.

What kind of Code Language do I need to know to develop my own game?

You guys know where I should go to learn abouth this?

I guess you guys are like : WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE

But any tips are welcome!

Thanks in advance!

Hello silly,

You are not the only one starting learning game dev : Everybody on this forum dit it one day ^^ so don’t care about that. Keep the time to learn things one by one and days by days you’ll become more skilled :-).

You don’t need Code to start in ue4. Blueprints are enough. To learn go on unreal engine youtube and look at all tutorials. Try to do it at same time to learn more. And don’t hesitate to ask even when you think this is a stupid question. It is better to look like stupid than staying stupid and never learn.

You need to learn C++…You can learn by google…or take courses here…
I am taking the courses here and find them easy to understand…there is a good community to help with all questions…right now it costs $49 with a like on facebook…I do not work for them or anything, just trying to help…

Welcome! :slight_smile:

As CreativeOcclusion already mentioned, you will have to learn C++. I personally would recommend you to buy a book, take a look at the existing scripts in the UE4 and mod some of the scripts that are already included :wink:

Wow! Didn’t expect this community was so good :P. On other forums you need to wait days untill someone replies. Thanks for the tips! I think I will watch the ue4 tutorials and learn C++. Anyone knows maybe a good YouTube channel ?

Youtube Channels for general UE4 stuff:

You will always get a fast reply in this forum :wink:

To start learning :


and : to read quietly.

Then you have a lot of content in this forum too. Keep the time to search.

Lol. Been ninja’ed by fighter ^^ As he said, yes unreal community is awesome and the more you come there the more you want to be like them ^^

Thanks all :slight_smile:

A book I recommend just remember, it’s the “c++ primer”, not the “c++ primer plus”. It’s a big difference.

What is the difference?

should be knowledge about these Languages can range from simple languages such as Visual Basic, up to C++, or Java. the language used by game developers.