The Beast Inside

Hi guys!

Few months ago we have started our next projest - a horror-thriller gamer called “The Beast Inside”. All of the objects are made by ourselfs (we are planning to use Megascan for nature). One of our core feature of the game is dual narrative -we tell the story in two diffrent perspective, Adam who is living in present times, and trough retrospections discover story of another person from the past.

One of the elements that we are especially proud of is physical-based gameplay. You can move object, throw them, block entrances nad open drawers, doors etc fully based on physics (not only by cliking but you must physicly move/rotate - for example when drawer is filled with heavy objects it will be much harder to open).

In many cases we used photogrammetry objects (furnitures, household elements, even porcelain). All the photos were taken by us as well (average 80-100 photos per object).

Any feedback is welcome!

We are planing to start kickstarter in the next few months. So if you like our project and want to support us, please sign-up for beta testing and like us on FB.

Sing-up for beta testing here.


The Beast Inside






Amazing visuals, Im looking forward to seeing more of the game!
Really good job with the photogrametry, great assets and great lighting to go with it.

Simply amazing

Looks amazing! Good lighting and photogrametry work. Would play something like this.

Small critique: The figurine with the child in the second image looks a bit blurry/Low-Res compared to the other props. Maybe it’s one of the earlier scans? The one in the last pic is perfect!

Yeah REAL nice looking! I love the look of the oil lamp:cool:

Looking forward to seeing more, looks great!

Really like how the setting looks so far!

Hi folk!

Sorry for such long reply, too much work to do :wink:

@ Loginius - thank! Although, the lighting isnt final yet so there is a lot to tweak. @ FireWolf3001 - thank @ Xharthok - thanks for the kind word. They were one of the first model made from photogeo indeed :) After many days and weeks we made big progress. We learnt a lot how to make better lighting, photos and also cleanup. Some models dont have very big textures so they might looks blurry on screens. It depends how close we will come to them or if we “inspect them” (a feature in game to view some objects in close-up).

@ mikedulberg, Higuy8000, nolea94 - thanks guys! We really appreciate it.

We do plan to record some in-game footage and to share with the public, so in the near future we will show some real time gameplay sneak-peak. :slight_smile:

In-game footage would help spread awareness and attention. Seems like your team is on the right track! You are working with great ideas.

Hi guys!
I wanted to share with you a small sneak peek from our gameplay mechanic.
This is a small portion from a bigger gameplay that we are planning to release.
What do you think? :slight_smile: