The Basics Of Sacred Geometry

Hello! I want to introduce my project

The Basics Of Sacred Geometry is a game about interactive 3D graphics and Unreal Engine 4, a kind of introduction to interactive visuals for beginners. But it isn’t an interactive tutorial. A player will learn about sacred geometry through exploration and interaction with a bizarre environment. Video game’s world there is a sacred geometry. Each chapter is dedicated to one or several aspects of this world’s structure: “Holy Light” is about lighting simulation, “Transition” about location, rotation and scale of objects, “Classic of Changes” about types of variables, etc. All levels have ‘sacred texts’ taken from the engine documentation that will help to better understand what is happening. The chapters gradual order is a special preparation for the final level that turns the player into a demigod with the power of reality shaping.

An important development feature: I’m making this game using only Unreal Engine 4 tools and content. The project doesn’t contain any additional 3d-models or audio and I don’t use other software for editing content. Such a development path is a kind of dedication to the tool, an attempt to present its opportunities in an unusual way, as counter-part to the photorealistic scenes. Based on this and proceeding from the general project theme, a visual style naturally emerged: simple geometric forms, wireframe materials which exhibit object anatomy and procedural noises. Furthermore, it will evolve in this direction, that I call “the aesthetics of making 3d graphics” with the gentle color of normal maps and using icons and aesthetics from the Unreal Editor and Blueprints.

The first 7 chapters are available now in the demo. The full release will suppose to contain up to 20 chapters and a large sandbox-level. I plan to release the game in the first quarter of 2019.

**Download **the demo and subscribe to the mail list: page:

Additional info about me and about the game: press-kit


The pink level looks absolutely amazing! Good job!

I showed the game at Dev Gamm Conference in Moscow. Many helpful feedback.
There are some photos of the showcase: