The Baron's Hangar- Environment

University project, based of a 3d concept from Daniel Brown The main focus for the environment is the Fighter Jet. All assets and textures are made by me. Would love to know what everyone thinks about it.


For more screenshots check out my Artstation[/SIZE]


Really nice work!

Really nice work here :smiley:

beautiful !!!

can you share some lighting tips please , or even better make some tutorial on the topic ,

anyway gj and keep up the good work !

Hi, Thanks a lot
Below are some of the WIP shots of the environment.

The settings are very basic for the lightsource and skylight

I have the exposure as minimum to 0.7 and max to 0.8, I changed the colour of the scene to a yellowish colour to give the sunlight effect. The only thing I did differently to most people is almost every mesh has lightmaps, if an object is too big I split it up into 2 meshes so the lightmaps have enough padding for it to bake. The jet was an exception and was split into 15 pieces each piece has a lightmap resolution around 256. The lightsource is set to stationary, the post process uses a LUT file and I have increased the contrast and some other basic settings. Nothing too complicated.

thanks man, really appreciate :slight_smile:

i will definitevely play with these toys when i finish some real world stuff :confused: