The ball does not stop rolling

I’m having some problems getting a ball to roll realistically. Basically it seems to slow down to a certain point, and then just go on forever.
I understand that this is a known issue with PhysX, but what I’d like to know is if anyone here have a good workaround for it?

Here is an demo of the problem:

settings used:
angular damping = 0.8
linear damping = 0.4
friction of ground = 0.1
friction of ball = 0.01

You can set the linear and angular velocity to zero …

You could monitor when the ball gets down to a certain velocity and then apply zero. That ‘should’ stop the ball from rolling completely, however if the ball isnt on a flat surface at the time then it will probably start moving again at some point.

I have used these before to ‘zero’ out the physics and they do work …

Hi i am not able to set angular velocity can you please let me know how to solve this issue