The B-Project: Playable short demo. [Investigation, Puzzle, Occult]

Status: Early mockup/block out phase.

So here’s another big project from me.
The goal is to make a playable game demo that I would like to release for download in the end. I’ve got a long way to go but I decided to at least start throwing stuff up here and on myblog (<- Clicky clicky!) as an incentive to not slack off. I’m also using this as a great opportunity to learn more about blueprints and other tools I normally don’t use. I will keep some parts hidden so there’s at least some surprise when you guys actually get your hands on it.

**Story in short (TBU)
**You are R. Wilkes and you’ve been thrust into a world where dark things lurk and mysteries are all around us. It all started with a strange letter from an unkown source. In a desire to learn more you’ve been digging into maps, charts, books and all manner of exhibits. Your leads have led you here, far out in the ocean. Why? You have no idea.

Latest Screens - 2014-11-09

looks dark and ominous :stuck_out_tongue: moon lighting looks sweet, can u control the boat? none the less it looks awesome :stuck_out_tongue: