The Arrival

The Arrival

The search for the two teens and their dog are still ongoing, we have found their last known whereabouts in the desert and teams are currently searching the area. The investigation is ongoing, we thank you for your patience.

NB: I exported this from Movie Render Queue as 32bit exr files, this ensure the best lighting quality. Taking screenshots from the editor doesnt capture accurate colour which is why the editor screenshots look slightly warmer.


Lighting Only



Student Submission: No

**Credits to sourced content:**

Quixel Megascans

Museum of Engineering and Technology, Krakow
Gunnar Correa


Unreal marketplace:
Everett Gunther
Epic Games

Engine version

  • 5.0.2

Hi interesting stuff there! How did you managed to get the sound integrated inside the render queue? Since I’m trying to add some sound and music with the Master Audio Submix, it doesn’t seems to be integrated at all inside the avi produced! does it mean you was obliged to use another software than UE or is it a way to do it only with UE5?

Edit: just trying to reply to you here

I think there’s some confusion around this “no post processing”. They have said that you can use the movie render queue with any of the media export options laid out in the documentation:

So essentially exporting a bunch of PNGs or EXR files but then you have to put those images together in a sequence. Unreal cant do that so you do need to use another software the original images are all encoded from unreal so as long as you dont mess with any of the visual stuff in post I think this meets the requirement. My audio was added after exporting from unreal. I dont think this goes against the rules as the visuals are the same, they just want to SEE the same end product as in the editor. I can do a screen recording directly from the editor if need be.

Also just found this reply here which states that using post processing tools to put the images together and add in audio is fine:

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Thank you for the followup ^^ that’s sound clear :slight_smile: