The Answer Hub, pew pew

Since UE4 went FTP, I can’t keep up with the Answer Hub any more. I was wondering if other casual Answerhub hobbyist also felt a little exasperated over this? I still try to answer people’s questions once in a while, but the same questions get repeated often, double questions, unchecked threads for days, and a lot of people don’t accept answers which makes filtering a pain. Tbh I don’t even post answers any more, I just post comments for this reason. Hopefully this will rectify as users become proficient, but for the time being… Pew Pew!

/Rant over :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it is a pain that people don’t come back to accept answers.

That said, if you are seeing the same questions being repeated, get in there and answer them! :slight_smile: Seems like easy points to me. :slight_smile: (The devs/mods will be in there eventually to accept the answers.)