The Animation and Riggings Toolset (A.R.T) for 3ds max?

Hello, im wondering is there gonna be any A.R.T integration for 3ds max?

I don’t think Epic is going to make a 3Ds Max version of that plug in, since Max already has some rigging tools out of the box.

Epic Games is using Maya for all animation tasks, i believe some of the animators used max in the past but they wanted to get everyone into the same package.

For Max you can use CAT or Biped as this comes with a lot of required tools to save you time when messing with character data.

Autodesk offers free student licenses so i would recommend you try out maya, the art tools provided by epic are some of the best integrations i have seen around

Thanks for the that piece of info to have ART available for Licensed Max users.

Yes, there’s CAT and Biped for Max, however people with Max could also benefit from this, I would like to see a Max version of ART, it seems to be pretty faster to work with and to implement than CAT.

What you say about student licenses has a major downside; they are not allowed for commercial use.

So people who have paid Max would be happy to have ART available.

Yes A.R.T for max would be great!

YES, ART for Max user will be a option*