The Alley - Oaken Studio

Hi everyone, this is my last study scene in UE4.27.
I really wanted a night exterior fully dynamic lit scene for my portfolio, but had no idea what I really wanted. I just let the creativity flow take control and there we go.
It was very fun to step out from my Archviz daily work comfort zone.

Workflow: 3dsMax, UE4, PS, DaVinci Resolve
Textures, a few SFX and music from Quixel
Building meshes from Evermotion Archmodels

You find the animation here

And some images:

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Thank you, have a good one.


Hey there @FabioGC,

Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far, friend!

All I can say is- this is epic. The entire environment gave me Gotham vibes and I loved every second of it. But it wasn’t just the immaculate scenery, the audio was spectacular as well. You told a story and you’ve done it wonderfully!
The scarecrow moving at the end definitely gave me chills, had to rewatch it a few times to make sure I actually saw it move. :joy:

Also, lurked through your portfolio a bit and every piece of work seems absurdly impressive. I truly hope to see more of your art and spooky scenes in the future :slight_smile:


Hey @PresumptivePanda!

Thank you very much for the words, what a compliment this is, I’m happy you liked it!
The audio, indeed, plays a big role in the animation. And you’re not the first one to comment about Gotham vibes, which is very interesting, because I didn’t think about it while working on this scene, haha.

Once again, thank you for taking your time and checking out my work.
Have a great one.


Excellent work friend and good lighting.


@zonafilmmaker Thank you very much.

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Excellent work and love your lighting :+1:

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Greetings @FabioGC !

Ya see, from the stills, your project looks like an urban area at nightfall. Impressively built? Yes. Dangerous thoughts? No, not at all. But when I watched the cinematic…oh! :scream: Brilliant way of using camera movement along with background noise and ambient sounds to tell a story (as our @PresumptivePanda pointed out)!

A sense of panic came across me as the sound of a vicious pooch barking continued, and we passed by a metal barrel bonfire, and the space in the alley seemed to get smaller and smaller, and just when the claustrophobia came to toward a peak, we get the scary crescendo from something lurking in the shadows! Nope! :man_running:t4: :dash:

This was extremely enjoyable to watch! Talk about a break from Archviz! In letting your creativity flow, you’ve delivered us a brilliantly atmospheric nightmare! For this, I thank you! [insert gracious bow]

Did you draw from any source of inspiration for The Alley?


Hey @DipjoyR11, thank you very much.

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Hi @Get_DOVAH_it,

Hey, what a comment, it’s very interesting to be able to bring such feelings through my work, it really feels like I got, at least, near what I wanted to deliver while creating the scene.

You see, my art direction was driven by music this time. I wanted to achieve something specific, so I set a particular playlist and tried to follow its feeling. I listened to PSX classic OST’s while playing around this scene, such as RE2, Parasite Eve and Silent Hill. I’d say, my source of inspiration was basically audio and my late 90’s/early 2000’s memories.

Thank you very much for your comment, it really means a lot when someone takes their time to watch, analyze and finally put into words their feelings about an artist’s work.

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