The Alchemist VR

This is my small VR demo that might become a game someday. I’ve started working on it long time ago and it wasn’t meant to be VR at the time but soon after it turned out that it’s ideal for “hands on” experience rather than mouse & keyboard. For that reason I’ve shelved it until I get a VR headset, which I did couple of months ago.
Most of the art is either free assets or bought cheap on marketplace sales, Epics’ “Infinity Blade” bundles being huge help here. Some stuff is done in blender by me (those alchemy machines could be hard to come by ;p). VR pawn plugin from @runeberg has also been a great help so cheers to him.

edit: released on

Gameplay is divided into two stages. First we prepare the potions in alchemy lab and then go outside to do literal tower defense from angry debt collectors.

What is done already:

Inside the lab there’s a book with recipes which are randomized on game start. Was bit tricky to implement flip-able pages, ended up with custom blender model and 4 render targets that display currently visible pages (UI widgets)

Potions brewing with some primitive liquid representation, each drop of “fluid” contains an array of ingredients that are mixed with other fluid on contact. Which makes it quite possible to brew substances that are not pure enough and yield different result than desired upon consuming.

Alchemy machines: pressurizer, electrifier and heater. Each is more or less interactive.

Tower defense part: some basic gameplay is in place, enemies follow the path and attack the tower, we can throw “bombs” at them.

Working on potion consumption results now.

looking good @laggyluk ! loving that flying carpet mechanic :slight_smile:

Thanks! It seemed as a good fit for alchemy theme and with fun potential.
Btw Magic Carpet franchise should get a VR redo…

Added third machine, one more to go

Working on enemies. Gotta use what I have

This looks amazing! Specifically the ‘metaball’ solution in the heating apparatus. I must ask, how did u do it?

Metaballs are from here: GitHub - andyrst/ue4_metaballs: Metaballs fx for Unreal Engine 4
I just updated them to 4.18 and tweaked a bit. Initially I was looking for a way to render all the liquid on the scene like that but it turned out to be rather complicated.

Thanks! Can’t wait for more updates :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is progress but I’ve added chill painter mode ;p

Done, released on The Alchemist VR by laggyluk