The Alchemist : new Metahuman music video


Hi everyone !

We are happy to share with you our second short “music” film using metahuman, UE5, ray-tracing.

It’s the second chapter of our short film “The Alchemist” …

Hope you enjoy !

Bird in a Box


Thx to share !


Hi @Desintox111

Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!

I adore the pacing of the video, the lighting, and how great the main character looks! Honestly, the entire video is stunning from start to end.

Great work on the lip sync and making the video incredibly polished. Hope to see more work like this!

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Hello @PresumptivePanda

Thanks a lot for your message !!! :star_struck:

The third episode / music video is coming in almost two weeks :partying_face:
We’re working on it.

Also we reuploaded the first one in a better quality last week …
At this time, we were working with UE4, in RT.
Here’s the link if you wanna have a look :wink:

Thanks again for your feeback !


The lighting and all the moving pieces- just so impressive. Had to watch it several times to give the entire video the attention it deserves. Making light orbs look like water just broke my brain in the best ways. Great work as always!

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Again thanks a lot for your feeback :heart_eyes: