The AI Animations and Actions in Mass Effect Andromeda

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A lot of odd moments, AI jumping on things, faces and gestures are off, its funny in a way but sad since it breaks immersion. I find it surprising that such a big project which certainly had a big budget and an army of animators and coders and such, appears to be so sloppy with a major part of the game …

Besides this there is a lot which looks really nice.

It’s pretty dang pathetic in my opinion for a large studio such as Bioware to allow this.
Those animations are on par with a game from 2006 in my opinion! How could this have made to market in such a state?

Also, the models themselves were not great at all either. The scenes look nice, but when a game focuses on conversation so much… It is inexcusable in my opinion. (Also the animations and models in the latest dragon age were a little… Subpar in my opinion too!)
What gives bioware? Were did all that 40 million go? Because it sure doesn’t look like you used it on the game! :stuck_out_tongue:

And none of this even touches the subject of the subpar writing and lacking characters. (Look at the public hate on metacritic. Pretty interesting.)

Really just my 2cents though.