The Adventures of Preacherman Animation/Matinee Learning Project

Well here is my first post. I have been playing around with Unreal for a little while but never really got into animation or matinee at all. A good friend of mine and the pastor at my church was having a 60th B-Day surprise party. He’s quite a character so who better to be immortalized in game.

All work was done start to finish in 9 days by 1 guy and a whole lot of firsts. First attempt at matinee, never played with animsets, retargeting or socketing particle systems, Mixamo Fuse or its Autorigger. So when you watch be kind I had to scrap some ideas for time constraints but pretty happy with it. Of course there are inside jokes but I still figured people might want to see what one guy with limited experience can accomplish with this system.

Built in UE 4.8 preview 3
Assets pulled in from Platformer Game example
All characters created and Autorigged in Mixamo Fuse Pro, Used Substance Painter 1.3 to texture and detail the demons, Zbrush used to sculpt Preacherman and the Hotdog monster.
Animations came from Mixamo Character Pack and Movement Animset Pro
Final Video Edit and Sound Effects Added in Premier Pro (really wish you could export audio from Matinee Record) I was going to try to use UMG for title text but ran out of time.

The Adventures of Preacherman

Here is footage of the Picnic game addon I built on the 9th day (I must say the hotdog monster was fun to sculpt)

Any suggestions on better approaches would be fine. Not really planning to develop this game but was a great learning experience. Certainly alot I would do differently, main disappointment was that the Mixamo Autorigger for UE4 is great however, there Control Rig Script for Maya does not work with this skeleton so I scraped trying to do any custom animations for time sake. Also could not figure out how to use blend shapes in Matinee?

Anyways thanks Epic for an awesome piece of software