The Additional Non-Asset Directories is not copied when I launch game to the iOS device

I am developing a plugin called UnrealEnginePython that will work on iOS devices.But when I was debugging on an iOS device, I was told that the plugin couldn’t find the necessary Python files. Since the Python file is non-asset, I configured Packaging->Additional Non-Asset Directories To Copy->[Scripts]. However, when using Launch to deploy to iOS devices, it was found that the previously set directory “Scripts” was not copied. I verified by looking at the contents of the log and the directory on the device.

Please let me know where the problem is and point out the correct approach, thank you.

I’m having the same problem. Did you discover a solution?

Yes, but it is not official. I have created a PR to UE( but haven’t responed yet. You could follow my modification to try fixing the issue.