The actor will be placed outside the bounds of the current level


Can someone explain to me why i am getting this message since 4.23 all the time i try to place something in the world, in projects converted from 4.22, to 4.23. (and how to resolve this)

EDIT: location i tried to place something was less than 5000 units away from 0.0.0

Thank you.

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Is this a new hazzard ? Where did you find this out if I may ask, as it makes no sense that you can’t place lights where you wish, -this is part of DESIGN right ?

Sounds like what I’m now seeing , where its a warning system to avoid ( assuming you might be using world comp as I am) errors , lighting ovelap etal. All fixed here, great idea as I was finally able to fix the odd overlap I was seeing , causing odd behavior in my WC tile window( where you can move them around).

Same problem here since 4.23. In Persistent level it will work well but in some other sublevels I got that message too…

On fresh placing out of the content browser or by alt+dragging

Disabled: Edit > Editor Preferences > Prompt when Adding to Level Outside Bounds


Default bounds for that is 500x500x50. Who implemented that and what were they smoking :’)?


Bounds for what?

The bounds for triggering that warning. It’s defined in the editor settings; I found it courtesy of EnriqueGameDev’s post above.

I meant the 500 part, I already know thx anyway, about triggering, handy feature to remind ourselves when things go wrong :slight_smile:

I just had to click OK 430 times because I dragged all the meshes from an FBX into the scene at once, and it was outside the level bounds. There is no “do not show this message again” button, so had to approve every mesh before I could disable the warning. Haha

You can replicate this message by having a persistent level which has sub levels and one of the sub levels is a lighting scenario and is the active level. So you are trying to put a static mesh actor into a lighting level.

I just figured it all out. I have Persistent Level and a Sub level. I have Sub level hidden and Persistent visible. I have Persistent ‘active’.

  1. Drag a Chair in from content browser in a random empty spot?= Error
  2. Show object from Persistent level drag object on top of it?= No Error. (in my case my Floor is in the Persistent level, so I went top top viewport, centered my floor and pulled something in,. Worked like a charm. I have no streaming volumes btw so they are unrelated to the problem.
    It sounds like it works with lights, and that is probably because their cones are giving ‘bounds’ to pull things into. But overlapping on any Actor seems to make the difference.

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